CFO Services

At Fulton Advisory, our outsourced CFO Services give founders access to an experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO), at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. 

What are CFO Services?

Clients are assigned one CFO from our team, based on level of expertise within the client’s industry. Our CFOs become trusted members of our clients core team, and provide all the functions and responsibilities of a full time CFO. Our CFO Services focus on profitability, cash flow management, and forecasting.

The strategic financial acumen a CFO will bring to a leadership team is invaluable for both strategic planning and execution. The days of finance leaders simply reporting results are over, our part-time CFO Services analyze and leverage analytics to produce business intelligence so founders can make better decisions in the future. Our CFOs will work with your Board and Investors and help you raise and deploy capital to scale your business profitably.

part time cfo services

Benefits of CFO Services

Digestible Financials

Receive digestible financial statements and dashboards that help you make better decisions

Strategic Advisory

Get strategic advisory to ensure your strategy will drive growth at healthy profit margins and generate cash flow

Control Expenses

Keep your costs under control and hire talent at the right time

Why Do You Need Them?

Beyond helping you enhance profitability and cash flow, having an experienced CFO is critical when it comes to raising capital, as well as planning for and executing on an exit from your business. Our CFOs will help build infrastructure and focus on the key metrics that will increase your valuation.

Fulton Advisory's CFO Service Offerings

Cash Flow Forecasting

Consistently reviewing the timing of cash receipts and upcoming cash outflows will help founders make better tactical short term and strategic long term business decisions. Our CFOs build rolling cash flow models to anticipate cash constraints, and better leverage excess cash. A robust cash flow model will stretch your cash position, helping you invest in growth, pay down debt, and retain more equity by deferring an additional capital raise.

Fundraising & Exiting

We’ll rationalize the valuation for your company and help you target strategic investors or the right buyer for your business. We’ll organize and manage the data room of all the files required during the due diligence process to execute on a capital raise or exit.

Business Plan & Pitch Deck Prep

Business Plans are instrumental in helping early founders develop their strategy and optimize their business model. Pitch Decks that tell a compelling story and outline customer pain points are critical when raising capital.

Scorecards & Dashboards

A KPI dashboard helps track and monitor the key metrics for your business, leveraging analytics with trend analysis for both qualitative and financial metrics.

Monthly Financial Reviews

Each month our CFOs host a monthly review with client management to review financial and business performance. We review the KPI dashboard and refresh forecasts and expectations for the coming months.

Financial Modeling

Projecting the impact of capital investment, a new product line, or geographic expansion should be well vetted with proper ROI analysis. Leveraging robust financial modeling will project anticipated results under varying scenarios to help founders make better decisions.


Budgets aid with annual planning and create accountability for leadership and departmental managers. Performance targets can be utilized for structuring bonuses and incentive compensation.

Financial Reporting

Each month our CFOs will prepare and review client financial statements, providing analysis and insight. We translate the financials into digestible summaries so founders can extract tangible business intelligence.

Accounting Oversight

Our CFOs work directly with our Accounting Services team and with your team to provide guidance, oversight, and support for accounting and bookkeeping.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Most clients have annual revenue of $2 - $10 million, though we also work with some pre-revenue businesses and have clients with revenues over $25 million a year.

  • Our CFOs intentionally have broad experience across a variety of industries, to offer domain expertise regardless of the client
  • Minimum bachelors in Accounting or Finance, most with Masters in Accounting or MBA
  • 10+ years of experience; in public accounting, blue chip corporate finance, or working with venture stage companies
  • CPA certified
    • Our outsourced CFO Services start as low as $750 per month, and increase depending on the business needs of the client. 

We like to have a recurring weekly or bi-weekly touch point on the calendar with clients, but consistently communicate with our clients via their preferred channel; slack, text, e-mail, zoom, etc. 

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